DEMO was exhausting, though fun. Retrevo launched to great reception, and Vipin and Manish did a fabulous job on stage. David Ezequelle was there in support as well.

Quite a few people covered it, including TechCrunch, but their article (which was good) focused on the pre-purchase/review side of things. Retrevo is unique in that it currently supports the entire lifecycle of every major CE category- both pre-purchase and post-purchase. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Peeling Away

As many of you know, I’ve spent several great years as Director of Global Business Development at Avery Dennison (most notably creating and leading the personal electronics personalization platform and working with the smart folks at Motorola to launch the Phone Tattoos category). I can’t say enough about the talent and contribution of the many folks at Avery who helped us succeed, and I have to thank the leadership who believed in me and the idea(s).

After some tough deliberation, I’ve decided to explore opportunities in the world of early-stage startups (where I’ve spent most of my career). More as it comes.