Apple iPhone

Apple finally announced the much anticipated iPhone at the MacWorld 2007 Keynote. The design is stunning and the feature set seems compelling enough; does it support Cingular’s burgeoning HSDPA network like the new Treo 750? I can’t tell.

I’ve long been conflicted with regard to handsets and carriers. I’m a bit of a design and user experience junkie, and I travel a lot, which means that in theory the selection and flexibility of GSM/3G handsets would suit me. My Nokia E61 is a fabulous phone. It has everything (except a camera). What doesn’t it have? Sadly, it lacks the thing I need most on a daily basis: a carrier with great voice coverage and widely-deployed 3G in areas where I most frequently find myself (I live in California and most of my travel is in the US). I now use Verizon on a daily basis and reserve my E61 for European travel. Will the iPhone change this? If the carrier’s network supports the design promise of the handset, it will be worth a serious look. We’ll see how that comes together.

Peeling Away

As many of you know, I’ve spent several great years as Director of Global Business Development at Avery Dennison (most notably creating and leading the personal electronics personalization platform and working with the smart folks at Motorola to launch the Phone Tattoos category). I can’t say enough about the talent and contribution of the many folks at Avery who helped us succeed, and I have to thank the leadership who believed in me and the idea(s).

After some tough deliberation, I’ve decided to explore opportunities in the world of early-stage startups (where I’ve spent most of my career). More as it comes.