For the first time in years, I am not going to CES.
I canceled my reservations at the last minute last week, sparing me
from a tour of duty that would take me from LA to Vegas, onward to NYC
and finally to Philadelphia before returning home.

I’m nostalgic about my CES experiences in years past, and for good
reason- I’ve filtered out all recall of the cab lines, the smoke, the
overflow from the adjacent adult-entertainment expo, and the sheer hell
of actually trying to get anywhere on time. Why hasn’t Purell done more with CES- their tag line is “Imagine a Touchable World.” Touchable world indeed.

I will miss seeing seeing my friends and colleagues, and I’ll have
to travel a bit more this quarter to connect with the folks I would
have seen at CES, but as I sit in my study and balance my daughter on
my knee I can honestly say I’m glad to take a year off.

A special shout out to the Retrevo team, who, in the face of the very inclement circumstances noted above, are braving CES to report from The Retrevo Gang with Scoble.

To my friends and colleagues I offer this heartfelt wish: May you
get out alive and more accomplished than when you arrived. Happy New

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DEMO was exhausting, though fun. Retrevo launched to great reception, and Vipin and Manish did a fabulous job on stage. David Ezequelle was there in support as well.

Quite a few people covered it, including TechCrunch, but their article (which was good) focused on the pre-purchase/review side of things. Retrevo is unique in that it currently supports the entire lifecycle of every major CE category- both pre-purchase and post-purchase. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.