The Jet

Cirrus finally announced The JET. To quote Alan Klapmeier, the CEO of Cirrus "Three words: My Personal Jet."

Beautiful indeed. The VLJ industry is one of the most exciting areas of innovation right now. Eclipse and Diamond are also doing some interesting things.

As you may note from the sidebar, I’m reading Free Flight by James Fallows. Great read.

Personal jets and reinventing air travel may almost be as important as the iPhone. You heard it here first.

Location Redux

Vipin has taken a pass at the geography issue. It’s hard to dispute that The Valley is the crucible of a lot of innovation. It’s also hard to ignore the great innovations that come from other areas.

But Vipin’s thesis, I would say, transcends geography- I think it provides good counsel for any entrepreneur. Whether you’re starting a company in Palo Alto or Lancaster, Pennsylvania, if you want to succeed, the ingredients are the same.