Aftermath Of A Failure: The Influence Project.

With only 30k registrations, 1.5M uniques (many of whom likely had to restart their computers after visiting the Flash leviathan), and a laughable outcome, Fast Company’s Influence Project would only be an embarrassment if it were more convincing in its attempt to appear legitimate. The email from the editor (note the positioning of uniques as folks who “came to the site to show their support.”):

Bob Safian here, the editor of Fast Company. I want to personally thank you for participating in our online experiment, The Influence Project, last summer. More than 30,000 people signed up, and more than 1.5 million individuals came to
the site to show their support.

We promised to highlight all participants who submitted photos in the November issue of the magazine; that issue is now rolling out on newsstands across the country. (The cover image is of Lance Armstrong.) You can also view the final
results of The Influence Project–and zoom in on specific photographs–at

I hope you found The Influence Project a worthwhile experience.

Thanks again,

Bob Safian


Fast Company

p.s. We have set up a special landing page for Influence Project participants who want to subscribe to Fast Company. As a token of our appreciation, the price is just $8 for a one-year subscription – and we’ll mail you the November issue
next business day (USPS first class). Go to