Wii Update

Having spent about an hour with our new Wii, I’m impressed by the experience. When I first turned it on, I wondered why there were so many warnings related to using the wrist strap and having plenty of room. As I type this with a bandage covering the swollen knuckles on my right hand, I wish I had actually followed the advice instead of questioning it. The Wii is a physical game. And, because it’s immersive, physical surroundings are less top of mind than what’s going on in the game. The result- soundly punching the top of an Aeron chair while trying to pitch a respectable game of Wii Sports baseball.

Two other observations-

1.) Opera works well, though the screen rendering was variable (at least on my LCD).
2.) The Weather Forecast app is absolutely stunning. The ability to effortlessly scroll out the Globe and move around the word with the remote, zooming in as desired, is awesome.

Love indeed.